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AE&E CORPORATION® provides network security focused IT support service for businesses in and around the Greater Metro Detroit Michigan area. We use a time tested, field proven process to provide the highest level of computer network security and data reliability. Our I NEED SECURITY® process provides companies with a total technology cost of ownership lower than they can achieve themselves along with a level of security and efficiency they never thought possible.

You want to focus on your business, spending your time and money on matters that contribute to the growth and profitability of your organization. Stop dealing with computer and network problems that cause stress and unplanned expenses. Our client systems almost never fail and if they do, we pay them, not the other way around. Stop getting nickel and dimed by companies compensated for doing a poor job, addressing problems after the fact, and letting things break so they can bill you to fix them.


Every day, we help companies realize the value of their computing investment by removing the headaches associated with computer support, maintenance, and security. We also offer our BE SURE YOU'RE SECURE approach to managing, monitoring, maintaining and securing your entire computing infrastructure. We deliver computer and network services that are secure, scalable, and available for our clients 24x7x365. If you want faster performance, fewer glitches, and practically zero downtime, contact us today and see how AE&E CORPORATION® can help you use technology to transform your business.

You want fast, friendly service, that provides quantifiable value and we want to give it to you. Contact us and ask how you can test drive our services risk free for 90 days. When you are ready to admit, I NEED SECURITY® call, click, or visit us today.





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